CageCalc 2: enclosure calculation for guinea pigs

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Notes: Guinea pigs are very social animals: always keep two or more together, ideally three or more. Keeping a single critter alone without good reason is cruel. Guinea pigs really love to run around, so they need quite a lot of room. They do not climb much, meaning that stacked multi-level enclosures are usually not adequate. Additional areas which can be reached via shallow ramps can be offered and are often accepted gladly, however.

The composition of a group is important: groups of females are generally a bit easier to handle than groups of males, with the most stable groups usually consisting of one or more females with one neutered male. Keeping more than one male in a group is usually only possible in a group consisting exclusively of (neutered) males. However, keeping a group of male guinea pigs can be quite challenging, and should thus be attempted only by people with sufficient experience.

Groups of male guinea pigs need more room than groups of females, which is the reason for the existence of a separate CageCalc mode. Also, due to their pronounced territorial behaviour, attached additional areas reachable only by ramps cannot be considered when calculating the necessary enclosure size. Stacked multi-level enclosures are completely unsuitable for male groups. The calculator therefore does not include the possibility to specify additional areas in this mode. However, smaller platforms in a larger flat habitat can make sense as hiding places or shelters and thus can be offered for this purpose.

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